Wednesday, August 4, 2021

 This is my most recent for 2021.  This collage consists of grafitti pieces gathered from the Intermedia Arts (Mpls) building that was refurbished earlier this year.  Presenting "Grafitti Mind". 

Also in 2021, here you see two collages on black canvas under plexi glass.  This is a tribute to the photographer, Lynn Johnson.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

This selfie is from this month and I kind of like it...its in my bathroom but a selfie is a selfie no matter where. hahhaha  so here I am in December 2020. 

 And so now, tonight, we go into 2021.  What a year 2020 has been.  Its a pleasure, a joy, a happening to leave it behind.  The virus has taken too many lives and now they say there is another strain of the same.  There has been a lot of unnecessary brutality by police, climate change is doing its thing, KoKo died on May 24th, schools have been closed, people can't gather even tho they are doing it anyway and this is just a mention of all that happened in 2020.  But Trump is out of office, a positive. Sometimes I think we have to go thru bad to get to good, I think its dark before dawn, I think we have to crawl before we walk but I believe if we have faith, if we believe then we do overcome. Many say life is a bitch and then you die...well here we are but they also say, it ain't over til the fat lady sings.  Is she singing? 

I am 4 credits away from my Masters degree.  So by June of 2021 if devastation is not too great, I will be 75 with a Masters.  What then?  I do have a tendency to go with the flow, maybe follow the wind so I don't know what I will do next.  But I will be doing something, that's for sure!!! So Happy New Year and here's to 2021!!!

I haven't been painting, only looking at it and actually thinking of how to finish my work in progress.  I feel like when I really get into it, it will be time to put it down again, but when I'm done with school I can devote my time to my creative side.  So yeah, I do have something to look forward to..thank goodness!!


Friday, September 4, 2020

 This is a work in progress but its my tribute to 2020.  I call her MOAMOA! 

This year has been very difficult with a virus sweeping the world and causing people to be out of work, putting children in harms way by sending them back to school which is a very hard decision and even though I'm not the parent of a young child, it still troubles me.  Many people in nursing homes have died without their families.  People in hospitals have died without their families.  I just believe heaven must be full and with a lot of sad people.  KoKo left me back in May after 14 years and that is still a heavy pain. But on top of all the troubles, I have faith that everything will be alright.  It has to be!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

For the past year or so, I've been doing lots of collage work.  I guess it means something but I'm also enjoying the end products.  My hands are not as steady as they were but I need to master the technique of holding a brush steady again.  Its all good!

 Tibetan Nuns (collage on wood) (2018)

Collages on oval canvases. (relatives)

 The Hen Party (collage on wood)(2019)

1 Cat for Becky (a collage)(2019)
2nd cat for Becky (A collage)(2019)  

Full painting: "The Ozarks" (2020)

 Full oil painting: "The Back Way". (2019)

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

     So now we are in 2019.  Today is the 8th day of this year and well, there is lots happening.  I am working on my MA degree at Metropolitan State University.  The excitement is normal for attending classes but over the top if I reach this goal.  I'm 72 at this writing and as Tony (an acquaintance) reminded me: I am keeping alzheimers at bay.  Another person said I should work parttime at the library because many of them are over the top age wise but still have to use their brains and minds for memory work.  Well, its all relative I guess.  None of us old farts really want to quit doing anything...

     I am painting a little again.  This feels right.  My degree is being obtained thru bookwork, not my work so it feels good to have something to fall back on.  Thank you Mr. Brice, and the other good out of my painting is my daughter, (Bianca) is a painter.  She's excellent mentally, but I'm really glad to see she doesn't mind creating.  Its a beautiful thing.  So, Happy New Year and Happy New Year.  Love to you all.


                          The chair is my last work from 2018.  Its living in Charlotte with Eloise. 


                                         That's Ms Edna (my mother) in the middle.

That's my sister, Bessie, in the middle with the straight skirt and again later in her life.  She was my second mama.

This is my dad, Mr. Brice.  I have only one photo of him so I put him in oil.




Thursday, March 29, 2018

 So, the black walnut is reminiscent of my younger years and I still love the flavor of the nut. The fun is getting the meat out of the shell because it can't just get cracked with a nutcracker..a hammer or brick works every time.  Great memories!!...healthy eating.  This painting is oil on canvas and I cut it out to give the painting personality.  Its hanging on my wall but could be used for a place mat too...(later in 2017)

I call this one simply "HorSEY".  Its oil pastel sticks on a cardboard thing used as a cover in a coffee maker package.  It made a perfect frame for him.  I think it shows I'm trying to come back to painting.  School took the drive away for a little while but its in me so I'm at it again.  Being 71 tho, well, I hope you enjoy my work.  Times have changed for sure. (02/2018)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

These are "Chickie" and "Diva" respectfully.  Both were finished in the later months of 2017.